1 pcs.14L Automatic Sensor Dustbin Smart Sensor Trash Can Induction Waste Bin Rubbish Can Home Living Room Garbage Bucket




  • * Widely Applicable:- The touch-free trash cans are used in almost any place, such as a bathroom, home, office, kitchen, bedroom, etc.
  • * Enclosed Design:- The deodorant automatic lid trash cans have a sealed design to lock the peculiar smell.It is a next-gen digital trash bin that offers hassle-free garbage collection.
  • * Infrared Sensor:- Infrared fields sense the areas above and in front of the can so it opens automatically with just the wave of your hand.The Smart Garbage Bin features hands-free motion sensor lid which automatically opens when it detects people who get near the bin to throw out their trash.
  • * Manual Mode:- The office trash can with lid is designed with a manual lid opening slot, which can also be opened manually when there is no electricity.
  • * Removable Ring:- Removable ring liner holds the trash bag sturdy in place and prevents the bag from overhanging for a neat and clean appearance.


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