Kulfi Maker Mould Candy Mould Ice Candy Maker Plastic Frozen Ice Cream Mould Tray of 6 Candy with Reusable Stick (Set of 1)




  • You don’t need an ice cream making machine to prepare frozen ice cream, it is very easy to making ice cream, just fill the moulds, maker with the required ingredients and keep it in the freezer, this mould, and maker prepares 6 key type ice candies, creams at a time.
  • The ice pop moulds designed for easy to use and clean, totally non-stick and dishwasher safe. Keeps pops from tipping while freezing, after frozen individual pops fit neatly in freezer to save space.
  • These moulds have a drip tray at the base of each one, so no more sticky hands.
  • It can be used over and over again to make all-natural large frozen treats such as juice, yogurt with fruit and anything you like.
  • Manufactured from high quality food grade plastic material.


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