Silicone Bubble Bath SPA Super Soft Body Scrubbing Brush




  • Eco-friendly, Durable, Non-toxic, easy to clean body scrubber. Super Soft Silicone Material Body Shampoo Brush that can Help Exfoliate, Massage Your Skin and Promote blood circulation.
  • It’s a Very Comfortable Bathing Tools for Baby Children and Pet. The back scrubber can make your bathing time to be the most relaxing time of the day. Give it a shot, and you will love it.
  • More super soft silicone bristles, Built-in a 80 ml Reservoir. 2 in 1 design of brush and soap dispenser makes it more convenient for you to take a bath, just squeeze soap or shower gel into this silicone bath massage brush.
  • Just wash it with hot water or running water, and there will be no foam residue, more hygienic than loofah. There is a hook at one end of the brush for easy hanging and storage, and easy to hold the palm.
  • This Body Brush is very soft that can be used for baby, kids, pet, and adult. It can wash and massage the hair for men with short hair, which makes it easier to clean the deep scalp.
  • You can also massage and bath your pet. Dual sides with different scrubbing texture pads: One is good exfoliating texture without being too rough while the other side is soft for promoting blood circulation and massage.
  • Very cute design just like a super mini pet. Very suitable to increase the fun of babies and girls in the bath. The bath back scrubber increased length to 27.56 inches/70 cm, and silicone has a telescopic function, which makes it easier to scrub the back and body parts for maximum comfort.


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